József Terék

Hungarian golden cross of Merit awarded musician, composeur

100 év 1000 népdal a Tápió mentén

A könyv DVD-ROM archív népdalos, népzenei melléklete

(The attachment to the book containing archive folk songs and folk music)

The 12th stage of the project to protect the cultural heritage and values of the Tápió region was the separate publication of the DVD-ROM attachment to the folk song book ’100 év 1000 népdal a Tápió mentén’. The folk song book containing 866 folk songs includes almost all collected folk songs that have been compiled in the past 110 years, and in the attachment 674 songs of 866 can be listened to in their original recordings – from 1950 to present. This will make learning and teaching the folk song and folk music treasures of the Tápió region even more authentic.

The book was published in 2014 by Szivárvány Alapítvány, Tápiószentmárton.

Edited by József Terék

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